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Book Of Dani The Highlander

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Last update : 17 Apr 2020

Dani The Highlander, is an ethno-photography and a visual witness of a tour operator about the traditional and primitive life of Dani Tribe and warriors living in the highlands of Papua who are known for their harsh characters. In this book, Evi Aryati Arbay was able to pacify them through sincerity, honesty, patience, coffee, candles and cigarettes, as ways of entering the personal boundaries of the Melanesians of the Baliem Valley. Ethnophotography is not easy and takes outstanding patience. The photographer explored and shared her good and bad experiences. She spared her time to document, intensely communicate and encourage students in Wamena to study through books and dictionaries she handed. Such sincere approach was key in making the Dani smile widely.

Independent Publisher By : Evi Aryati Arbay

Bilingual (English & Bahasa)

ISBN: 978-1-78280-317-1 (UK)

ISBN: 978-602-70671-0-3 (Indonesia)

Cover: Hardback, clothbound, foil stamped on cover and spine, plus mini booklets on Kraft paper

Size: 21.5 x 28 cm (landscape)

Pages: 230, full color on coated paper

Curators by: Don Hasman – Oscar Motuloh - Tirtoandayanto Mulyono Rustamadjie

Foreword by: Aristides Katoppo –Don Hasman – Hermawan Kertajaya


REGULAR EDITION (Limited quantity) Retail Price Rp 550,000



Baliem Valley Festival, Wamena–Papua on August 07th 2014 The 1st DANI WEEKS, fX Sudirman Jakarta on Nov 28th –30th 2014.

Recorded as Monograph in :

  1. Indonesian National Libraries
  2. The British Libraries
  3. The Agent For The Legal Deposit Libraries for UK and Ireland.
  4. Leiden University library
  5. The National Library Of Australia

Review On :

  • Lion Air InFlight Magazine
  • Exposure Magazine
  • Gohitzz Portal News
  • ANTARA News dotcom
  • National Geographic Indonesia
  • The Wall Street Journals
  • Analisa Daily
  • Kompas Daily
  • Koran Jakarta Daily


Winner for Professional Book Categories in Asia/Australia/New Zealand @ESKA FROG Award - Netherlands 2014 Honorable Mention For Professional on Book Series - People, at Moscow International Fotografi Award (MIFA) 2014 in Moscow-Russia. Honorable Mention in Professional Books Categories, PX3 Paris 2015