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Book Of Badui Locked In Time

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Last update : 17 Apr 2020

Miss Arbay second book, duet with Indonesian top neurologist Hardiono Pusponegoro. The book talk about Baduy Tribe, our mind will drift to the tribe that is located in the most western island of Java, precisely in Lebak, Banten. Baduy is known for its local wisdom which is remaining until now. To enter this area is not easy. We need a special affinity with the traditional elders. Through the book "Baduy, Locked By Time" by Hardiono D. Pusponegoro and Evi Aryati Arbay you will be brought closer to Baduy.

The book presents the life of Baduy in particular in the field of health. This book informs the readers what Baduy’s women normally do during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding as well as how the parents educate their children. Most of them already feed their 7 day old infants with additional food, which is chewed by the mothers. This practice is against the fact that only breastfeeding is allowed for infants age under 6 months. Baduy’s children are also introduced to the fieldwork since early age. Therefore, youth and adolescent of Baduy are voluntarily help their parents at the fields.

In terms of health care, this book also tells the way Baduy people cure the illness. Keep in mind, Baduy, especially Baduy Dalam, refuses medical treatment. To their knowledge, medical treatment is contrary to the custom they believe. When there was a resident in need of treatment, they should be handled by paraji or traditional healer. They use a variety of plants and herbs to concoct the drug. Apparently this method is not always successful. When the infectious disease and patients increasingly critical, paramedics will refer them to the hospital in the district.

However, that referral is not easy to be implemented. Their belief and custom rule ban the use of modern transportation. What would happen to the patients? What they do to cure their illness? This book answers it.