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For the past 19 years, Evi Aryati Arbay has been heavily documenting the daily lives of individuals from every culture world wide and the universal expressions of life; laughter, courage, moments of reflection, journeys to work, first hellos, last goodbyes, and everything in between represent the common heritage of humanity and should be recognized and affirmed for the benefit of present and future generations into a collection of images and stories as celebrating diversity in  Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Africa and Pakistan through a series photography essays, showing the beauty in difference for every generation to enjoy. In the hope these great picture will encourage an even deeper sensitivity to humanity on a daily basis.

Evi Aryati Arbay, well known in Indonesia as Operators specialist  for Adventure, Indigenous People, Remote Areas and Culture for Indonesia - Papua New Guinea and Africa. To support her job and the region/country as her program destination, she often publishes Books to maximize sustainable promotion, which she believe Tourism need support story to created destination. just look at Dani The Highlanders, Baduy Locked in time and Biak Debris of War which she created in the hope of building better Peoples knowledge and understanding of the Dani tribe, the Baduy tribe until The spirit of the revival of Biak Peoples from the debris of the Pacific war.
Evi Book and photography is often focused and has a good reputation for people coping with the effects of trust, enthusiasm, hardships, poverty and social inequality, famine, environmental issues, industrialization and political expression in color or black and white photos that are unsparing yet often beautiful.
She was awarded for several National and International Books for Professional Award and Photography Awards. She held Solo Exhibition in Indonesia, Japan, Italy and USA.


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One of Indonesian women who drive with commitment in Tourism specially Eco tourism, she drive one team spread out whole of Indonesia under name of Indonesian Trip Advisors (ITA) whose leading in Indonesian out beaten track, special tribe and adventure in Indonesia. She been many time invited as keynote speakers in some occasion about Tourism, as Guess lecturer in some Faculty Of Tourism in Jakarta and choose to represent Indonesian women in The 1st South Asia Tourism Women Forum in Vientiane-Laos 2016.


Experience as Independent Author and Publisher for 2 tittles awarded book in National and Internationally which became hip books for DANI The Highlanders (2014) and BADUY locked in time (2015) and many other customs book publishing and any other publication materials ordered by Governance, Private sectors and Corporations.







Ethnography And Photography

Indonesian women Photographer and Ethnographers base in Jakarta, Been travel a lot in whole of Indonesia - Papuan New Guinea - Asia - Africa and Europe. Ready to work independently in global forum also works in Time, has been sign in more than 1.000 assignment globally with local and International achievement. Been a hundred time lead Photo Tour Trip Group in Indonesia-Africa-Papuan New Guinea (PNG) and take them to reached high achievement in prestigious worldwide competitions. Exhibition : Jakarta, Japan, Turkey, France



Trip Advisors And Organizer

You can contact us if you need to explore Indonesia… in the different ways. We can be your advisors by provided private services from business trip-family vacation till expedition class, we can cover all over Indonesia, serve for any kind you of needs during your stay in Indonesia. Most of our program is a local ecotourism products and our aims was to put a destinations culture at central stage; to highlight the remote area and traditional tribe where you could hear local music, dance, eat and drink with people you hadn’t come on holiday with, watch local football, join in with the festivals. And we wanted to push travel a bit further, inspiring you to get away from the established routes and seek something that bit more special and authentic-in short, to settle for nothing less than an ultimate travel experience.


I work for Fish Quarantine & Inspection Agency under Indonesian Marine Affairs & Fisheries Ministry, specially for Public Affairs Division. My Institution doing inspection and analyzed fish disease with publish Health Fish Certificate also guarantee for fish product quality for public consume in domestic or export also import fish product traffic to/from Indonesia. If you need any information about Indonesian Fisheries and Marine Affairs activity maybe you can contact on here.




Government Networks




As I work voluntary as Public Relation Officer (PRO) for Indonesian Drone Pilot Association/ Asosiasi Pilot Drone Indonesia (IDPA/APDI), the place to learn more Professionals Organization with FULL of Friendship like second Family. So, if you need any information about Drone and Drone Pilot around Indonesia you can contact me here. IDPA/APDI, bottom up organization and be the biggest drone organisation in South East Asia, we has more than 1.500 active Drone Pilots spread out in whole of Indonesia region... From Sabang-Merauke, From Rote till Mianggas.

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